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SU&SD Take on The Board Game Geek Top 100: 80-61

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

Paul: Our exhaustive look at the games jostling their way about BoardGameGeek’s Top 100 continues! Today, we have everything from international illness to urban development to mischievous academics. Oh, and opinions. Always with the sassy opinions. ONWARD. #80: STAR REALMS  Review here Matt: I sat down to try this one out with my brother one morning late last year, and proceeded to play it...


Review: Alchemists

Friday, November 4th, 2016

Quinns: Paul, I did a crime. Paul: Quinns, it’s okay. You can confess and be absolved. Our world is one that still has room for forgiveness. Come and tell- Quinns: I might have accidentally fed my student a pint of poison. Paul: Ah. It’s all right. You’re not the first person- Quinns: Also I misled an adventurer and sold them a flask of soup instead of a healing potion, then I published an...