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How I became my sons’ Dungeon Master

Saturday, October 22nd, 2016
Growing up, Dan Jolin, uninterested in sport, got hooked on Dungeons & Dragons. Now, 32 years later, it’s proving to be the perfect way to connect with his two young sons Some dads stand in the rain bellowing encouragement to their kids on the pitch. Others sit quietly beside their children, fishing-rods in hand, together hoping for a catch. Come the weekend, whenever I can, I send my two boys into dark, dangerous places and make them fight bugbears, dark elves and evil sorcerers. When it comes to father and son bonding activities, it’s no surprise that dads today should look to their own childhoods for inspiration. Yet given my father took me to a boxing club when I was nine, thinking he would toughen me up but succeeding only in giving me weekly anxiety attacks, I searched elsewhere for the answer. I didn’t have far to look. It’s more socially constructive than letting them watch TV all day or play Call of Duty Related: From Game of Thrones to Michael Gove – the legacy of Dungeons & Dragons Continue reading...