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SU&SD Take on The Board Game Geek Top 100: 80-61

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

Paul: Our exhaustive look at the games jostling their way about BoardGameGeek’s Top 100 continues! Today, we have everything from international illness to urban development to mischievous academics. Oh, and opinions. Always with the sassy opinions. ONWARD. #80: STAR REALMS  Review here Matt: I sat down to try this one out with my brother one morning late last year, and proceeded to play it...


SU&SD Take on The Board Game Geek Top 100: 101-81

Monday, May 22nd, 2017

BoardGameGeek is a titan of the board game scene, one of the most comprehensive and consulted sites the hobby has, as well as a place to which we owe a huge debt of inspiration. It’s also home to the absolute Board Game Geekiest among us, namely those with a monthly allowance for small zip-lock baggies. While we undoubtedly fall into that category too, we appreciate that not everyone does...


Board games reviews: Plague Inc; Evolution: The Beginning; Kingdomino

Monday, May 15th, 2017
A mobile game makes an infectiously good transition to tabletop, a card game richly rewards smart selection and a domino-strategy mashup is a quickfire winner

There’s a faintly luddite spirit to the board game renaissance of recent years, perhaps a reaction to the heavy demands screens now make on our time. Yet there isn’t such a great divide between games built of cardboard and those spun from code. They explore similar themes and their designers frequently learn from one another.

In 2007, a simple web game, Pandemic, challenged players with spreading an infection across the world. Around the same time, an unrelated board game of the same name tasked its players with preventing the spread of disease and quickly assumed cult status. Soon after, a mobile game called Plague Inc reversed the goal again, making global epidemic a mainstay of many commutes, while happily crediting the original Pandemic web game as an inspiration. Now Plague Inc has been reimagined as a board game that looks much like a homage to the board game, completing a considerable circle over 10 years.

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Yamatai; Lotus; New York Slice board games review – elegant and challenging

Friday, April 28th, 2017

Our monthly guide to new board games features a mysterious archipelago kingdom off the coast of Japan, a magical gardening game and a chance to play pizza

Welcome to our monthly roundup of the best new board games. This time around we’re building shrines and palaces in ancient Japan, stuffing ourselves with delicious pizza and growing magical flowers in a surprisingly cut-throat gardening contest.

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Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter News – Columbia Games launches Combat Infantry: World War 2 Tactical Block Game

Saturday, April 8th, 2017


Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter News – Columbia Games launches Combat Infantry: World War 2 Tactical Block Game

Well here is a change of pace from Columbia Games. A tactical block game. I would think that the fog of war provided by the block system should work well.

From the project page –

Columbia Games has published great games for more than 40 years, including four Kickstarter projects: Napoleon, Bobby Lee, Victory in Europe, and The Last Spike. Please support our new game, Combat Infantry. This fast-paced tactical game handles WWII squad level with a 12 page rulebook and, of course, our famous wood blocks… a battalion of blocks.

There have been many squad level games published over the past 40 years, but Combat Infantry is really different. The rules are just 12 pages long, but you will find their depth of play remarkable. This is partly due to two simple game mechanics.

First, our signature hardwood blocks give you fog-of-war with no muss or fuss. Because of smoke, cover, and a compelling need to “keep your head down”, fog-of-war is essential to simulate WWII tactical combat. No squad level game can claim to be realistic without it.


Second, leadership rules that reward players who maintain unit integrity – squads belong to specific platoons, and platoons belong to specific companies, each with their own commanders.



Go have a look at this awesome looking project HERE

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Games News! 03/04/2017

Monday, April 3rd, 2017

Paul: Oh my GOODNESS Red Scare looks very interesting indeed! This is officially Paul’s Most Exciting Game of the Week, without a doubt, with its fancy social deduction, special glasses and double agents. SPECIAL GLASSES, I hear you shout! In glee! In awe! Y’see, everybody is playing a team of FBI agents who know that somewhere in their midst are communists that they absolutely have to rat out.


Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter News – The Big Beautiful Book of Board Games: Volume 1 is live

Thursday, March 30th, 2017


Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter News – The Big Beautiful Book of Board Games: Volume 1 is live 

So a buddy, Neil Meyer is into photography and a gamer. So why not combine both interests? Why not indeed! He has launched a Kickstarter project for a gorgeous, high quality coffee table book with awesome photos of awesome games.


From the project…

What do you do in the time between playing your favourite tabletop games?  How do you get your ‘fix’?  I know – I feel it too… that hollowness where you just want to open a box and look at the precious things inside.  That’s why I’m printing this beautiful coffee table style book, filled with pictures of over 48 different games and game store locations!

Each game will be spread across 4 pages, with an introduction image listing the name of the tabletop game, the year of release, the designer and artist(s).  Next is a double page spread showing the game at play, illustrating the components and artwork in stunning detail.  Additionally, we provide a short summary about the game, a picture of the box (so you can go grab one!) and information about game time, player numbers and target age.

And here is a list of the games that are featured. Yes I am twisting his arm to include Luchador!


Worth a look? Yeah I would say so. The photos look glorious and including postage it seems like a nice deal. Check out the Big Beautiful Book of Board Games: Volume 1 here.

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Feature: A Day in the Life of Matt Thrower’s Game Collection

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

[Our series on the collections of our writers continues! Today it’s the turn of long-time contributor Matt Thrower. If you missed our previous entries, you can now navigate to them using those buttons on the right. Enjoy, everybody!] Thrower: Well hello there! Nice of you to stop by. Hope you had a good journey. It’s rare we get the chance to entertain adult visitors, with all the...


Board games reviews roundup: Vikings on Board; Elections of US America Election: The Card Game; RoboRally

Monday, January 30th, 2017
Three engrossing games put the fun into planning – a Viking conquest, a presidential campaign and an after-work competition for car-plant robots

One of the fascinating aspects of the resurgence of interest in board gaming is how they have demonstrated a knack for making pedestrian or even administrative processes engrossing. Vikings on Board, superficially a game themed around preparing for a journey, is a superb example. It’s not quite a packing-your-suitcase simulator, yet the gameplay remains focused on managing a workforce and moving supplies around a harbour, all with a view to dominating the northern territories with a clan of Norsemen.

The mechanics might seem at odds with the game’s claim to be a family-friendly strategy title. However, thanks to its captivating Viking theme and a riveting betting mechanic, which sees players trying to balance predicting the fortunes of their rivals with racing to claim victory, Vikings on Board shines, whether played with the family or over drinks with adult friends. Elaborate, enthralling and lavishly produced, it can feel a little convoluted when played at the family table, but if your own Viking clan doesn’t mind flexing its grey matter, it is well worth paying attention.

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Insurrection – the board game? Bloc by Bloc brings uprising to your living room

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

Bloc by Bloc pits players against the authorities and aims to use a classic board game format to show the impact of gentrification and the power of protest

In Oakland’s commercial district, a diverse coalition of insurgents relieve shops of goods and light storefronts ablaze. Newly flush with fancy clothes, a group of workers evade marauding riot cops. Nearby, freed prisoners and neighboring citizens barricade the streets surrounding an occupied stadium. The military is expected to arrive in just a few days to decisively crush the rebellion.

This is one of the scenarios that plays out on the board of Bloc by Bloc, a cooperative tabletop strategy game that pits players against the authorities in a struggle to liberate the city. The “insurrection game”, as the creators, Rocket Lee and Tim Simons, bill it, is a not-for-profit project aimed, they say, at undermining imperialist themes in strategy games – and perhaps radicalizing unsuspecting players.

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